Past Events

Feb 7th 2019

Makai Aref visits Lakeside Academic School

Our very own Makai Aref was invited to Lakeside Academic School to speak to third and fourth grade students about her experience as a teacher and principal in Afghanistan. After attending the Afghan Women’s Center Book Build Launch Event and reading Khaled Hosseini’s The Kite Runner the students were intrigued by the history of Afghanistan and inspired to learn more about life in Kabul as a teenager. Makai presented to the students what day-to-day life was like for a young adult in Afghanistan, and how that has changed over the years. It was a wonderful opportunity to develop the children’s understanding of a different culture and provide them with the opportunity to ask questions. The children were very interested and excited!

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Jan 15th 2019

Meeting with Maryam Monsef

On January 15th 2019 the Afghan Women’s Center was invited to meet with Minister of Status of Women of Canada to discuss our initiatives in supporting immigrant and refugee women in the Montreal community. The Minister was delighted to hear about our achievements and we will continue to maintain a strong relationship with our fellow Afghan! We will continue to explore new ways in which we can grow our efforts in helping newcomers and facilitating their transition into Canada.

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December 17th, 2018

Volunteer Appreciation Dinner

On December 17th 2018 the Afghan Women’s Center hosted a volunteer appreciation dinner, complete with all our favourite Afghani dishes! The dinner was a great opportunity for everyone in the centre to get to know each other and share stories, as we have had a number of new faces join our team. Our community awareness events and fundraisers would not be successful without the dedication and commitment of our caring group of volunteers. We wish to thank all of our volunteers and truly appreciate their contribution and efforts in supporting the immigrant community.

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December 1st 2018

Book Build Launch Event

Since the founding of the Afghan Women’s Center (AWC), we have welcomed many immigrant women from diverse communities. Our book, “Immigrant Women’s Stories”, is a growing collection of their personal immigration experiences, featuring stories of women who left their home countries in hopes of a better future in Canada. They faced several obstacles during their travels and a lot of time, energy, and money was spent to bring them here. Upon arrival, they continued to encounter challenges such as adapting to a new society, learning new languages and finding jobs, all while raising their children.


As part of this project, we held an event on December 1st, 2018 to celebrate these stories, gather feedback from the community on the project, and share insights on the settlement process.


The event also featured several key speakers: Makai Aref (President of the Afghan Women’s Centre), Sadeqa Siddiqui (former Director of the South Asian Women’s Community Centre), Woreshmin Samady, Homera Samadi, and Judy Wong (Executive Director of Catholic Action). The event was catered by the Afghan Women Catering Team.

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August 2018

Picnic at KinKora Camp


AWCM enjoys a picnic at KinKora Camp in Northern Quebec.

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May 2018

CBC Interview


CBC interviews AWCM President Makai Aref .

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March 2018

Discussion on Citizenship

AWCM was happy to participate in a discussion with representatives of IRCC surrounding a new citizenship guide.


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February 2018

Clothing Workshop


Members of the AWC are hosted by CRIC (Carrefour de ressources en interculturel) for a workshop on designing traditional Afghanistan clothes.

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November 17, 2017

Presentation: The Afghanistan Education System

A presentation for the girls at Ecole Marie-Clarac in Montreal Nord about the Afghanistan education system, followed by a sharing of Afghan cuisine with the students.

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August 2017

AWC Hosts the Minister of Status of Women

On August 8, 2017, our community had the pleasure of hosting Maryam Monsef, Minister of Status of Women, as our guest. It was an honour to hear her speak and to have the opportunity to share our stories with her.

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August 2017

Family Picnic

The AWC celebrates with a Family Picnic at Mont Royal Parc, Luc aux Castor park.

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May 2017

Mother's Day & Single Mother's Foundation Inauguration

The AWC hosts a great event celebrating mother’s day! Following the celebration was the inauguration of the new Single Mother's Foundation in support of single mothers in Afghanistan who endeavour to provide for their families in times of need.

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Afghani New Year Celebration

Come join us for a celebration of the Afghani New year with food, dance, music and happy times, hosted at the Mountainside United Church.

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September 2016

Monthly Student Cooking Class

The AWCM hosts a student cooking class for all ages! We hope to provide an opportunity for students to cook alongside the women of the centre, encouraging the passing on of traditional cooking methods, and the sharing of experiences with the education system.

September 2016

Community Engagement Day

The AWCM and McGill's SEDE office come together for a day of mutual learning! McGill student volunteers are welcomed by the AWCM for an opportunity to learn from and teach one another, from cooking lessons, using new technology, to family interactions.

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August 2016

Student Cooking Class

10 students join the AWCM cooking class, hosted at McGill's SSUM building in the Midnight Kitchen.

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August 2016

Community Guest Speaker: Shalah

Guest speaker Shalah presents special talk.

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August 2016

Afghan Independence Day Celebration

The Afghan Women’s Centre, along with the Montreal Afghan community, hosted an Afghanistan’s Independence Day celebration at the Centre de Ressources Communautaire de Cote-de-Neiges in Montreal on August 13, 2016. We were pleased to offer a robust cultural experience with live music featuring Hasib Hamnawa, as well as dancing, a fashion show, and poetry reading. Thank you to all of our special guests and speakers, including Afghan Embassy representative, Mr. Daud Qauimi.

We were thrilled to be able to celebrate our culture and history and excited for the opportunity to share it with our friends and communities throughout Montreal. Thank you to everyone who came out to eat, dance, and share this special day with us!

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Afghan Independence Day Speech by Habib Osman

July 2016

Family Picnic

AWCM hosts a family picnic at Parc La Fontaine.

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March 2016

Afghan New Year

A celebration of the Afghani New year with food, dance, music and happy times, hosted at the St. James United Church.

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December 2015

Christmas Party

This event was organized to celebrate Christmas with the group of Afghan women in a restaurant. 

October 2015

Community Engagement Day

McGill University students were given the oppurtunity to cook traditional Afghan food and spend time with the women at the AWCM.  The students learned how to make a variety of dishes, and discussed the implications of immigration and culture loss in their generation.   

September 2015

Presentation about Afghan Education System

Presentation, assisted by 120 students, about the education system in Afghanistan and what challenges Afghan teenagers face in transitioning to Canadian Schools.

June 2015

Cultural Exchange Meeting

This event allowed Canadian and Afghan grandmothers to exchange about their culture, and taste Afghani food at the Monkland community center (NDG). 

May 2015

Mother's Day Brunch

Artistri Sud and AWCM collaborated to create a delicious brunch catered by the Afghan Women's Catering Project.  Handmade goods were sold, and speeches presented by Makai Aref (AWCM founder) and Jennifer Lonergan (Artistri Sud President).

March 2015

Mothers' Day 2015

Celebrating Mothers Day with the Canadian community and the Afghan community at Mountainside United Church. Parliament member Marc Garneau presented six mothers with a certificate of appreciation. Organized in collaboration with the Church Center and Artistri Sud.

March 2015

Persian New Year

A cultural event, the "Persian New Year (Nowruz) " at the Montreal Children's Hospital.

March 2015

Afghan New Year

Food, dance, music and happy times at the Women Center Office! 

March 2015

Engagement day with McGill students

Exchange of ideas between the young Canadians and Afghan Women at the Women Center Office, Saint-James United Church.

April 2014

Kabab House Opening

The AWCM hosted the grand opening of Amu Kabab House, a new Afghan restaurant. Amu Kabab offers all the delicious food from the Afghan Women’s Catering menu in an enjoyable and affordable restaurant setting. Amu Kabab House employs six of the most talented chefs from the AWCM and is also run and operated by women from the Centre.

September 2012

Cultural Exchange Meeting

Cultural exchange meeting with the AWCM and the Women's Centre of Verdun. Organized by the AWCM at the SouthWest Mission Center. Four women from the Women's Centre of Verdun gave speeches about their activities, and three women from the AWCM gave speeches about their organization. The event was hosted by the AWCM.

May 2012

Mother's Day Celebration

A day of celebration to honour our mothers. Speeches presented by Mrs. Rozetta Mezrolla, Mr. Abdullah Sabet (Counselor of the Afhgan embassy in Ottawa), and Mrs. Aliya Kamal (AWCM member). Reception prepared by the AWCM.

September 2011

Independence Day

Cultural exchange meeting with the AWCM and the Women's Centre of Verdun. Organized by the AWCM in collaboration with the SouthWest Mission Center.

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